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You — tech-savvy, educated, and on-the-ball about so many things. Except feeding yourself well, inexpensively, and efficiently.

Me — plain-spoken know-it-all who teaches culinary novices how to feed themselves in 7 easy cooking classes. Each class is accompanied by a great recipe, a recipe so simple it is unf***upable and so delicious it will help you get laid.

You — wondering why you should fork over the money for a cookbook with only 7 recipes. After all, for the same price you could get 10 times as many recipes in another cookbook, right?

Me – other cookbooks assume you know what you’re doing in the kitchen. I assume you DON’T. That’s what I offer. Learn how to navigate a grocery store, obtain the best kitchen tools, chop your veggies, and cook the food, all in this little book.

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