Another Great Source for Low-Cost Kitchenware

Cooking class #1 of “Bad Aunty’s Kitchen Smarts” is called ‘Tools of the Trade-’Hammers and Nails’, covering the basics of necessary equipment from cookware to small indispensable kitchen tools. I wanted to make the point that you could equip your kitchen on a budget and not break the bank. There are many avenues to explore when it comes to acquiring your kitchen tools—you certainly can buy gorgeous new, shiny stuff and spend a small fortune; have your family buy you gorgeous new stuff and spend their fortune (my personal preference), buy an inexpensive kitchen tool or two every time you go grocery shopping and build your kitchen supply slowly, or swallow your pride and ask relatives, friends, or neighbors for assistance. All good ways to build your arsenal of cooking equipment.Goodwill image

Come to find out, however, I boneheadedly neglected to mention a fantastic source of goodies for minimal dollars. The Goodwill! I couldn’t believe my eyes at all the great stuff that could be had for next to nothing. Beautiful, durable copper-bottom Revere Ware pots with lids for under $10. (You’d pay two to three times that price on Amazon) Skillets, Dutch ovens, tools and gadgets, and a dizzying array of everything you could possibly want in your kitchen was available, plus a wonderful and varied array of tableware and cutlery.

Now, before you get all squeamish about using someone else’s cast offs, think of these items this way: they’re ‘re-purposed’, recycled, retro. You’re doing all kinds of good things when you buy from the Goodwill, not the least of which is saving a pile of money.

If you have another charitable organization in your area give them a try. The Goodwill, however, is nationwide. You’ll be surprised what you can find there. Bad Aunty says so!

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