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Huevos ala Mala Tia

I love putting together egg scrambles. The combinations of egg, cheese, veggies, and other fillings are only limited by your imagination, palate, and pantry. This one, though, is a special favorite of mine, as it is exceeding simple, goes together very quickly, and is exceptionally delicious. I personally like to make my own salsa fresca,

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Salsa Fresca

All purpose condiment to go with chips, guacamole, sour cream, or anything you want to give a Southwestern flavor to. I especially like this with scrambled eggs, like in my ‘Huevos ala Mala Tia‘. Salsa Fresca Print Recipe A zesty and very fresh accompaniment to chips, eggs, meats, etc. CourseSauces and condiments Servings Prep Time

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Filet Mignon with Red Wine Sauce

I used this recipe to illustrate the ‘saute’ technique in Class 7: Mastering Saute, in “Bad Aunty’s Kitchen Smarts”. Even though the word is the same, ‘saute‘, in this instance it does not mean browning hamburger or stir frying vegetables. ‘Saute’ is a time-honored and classic flavor-building technique for savory and mainly protein-based entrees. There

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